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What is Love? What is Love?

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Awesome, But...

1.Why Is There A Mathematical Problem On Her Shoes???
2.Where The Hell Is Matt???
3.Where The Hell Is Waldo XD???
4.South Park
5.The Score You Get From Me
6.Yay I Found The FKING Cow
7.I Saved The Hotdogman
8.Why Did The Hunter Attack The Bunny? And The Lion BTW
9.We Just Made The Biggest Mistake Of Our Lives
10.U Play Starcraft WTF???
11.Granny In A Sports Car
12.Penis On A Door
13.Not Writing Anything Here This Is My Unlucky Number
14.Almost Penis On A Wall
15.Punks Turning Into McCartney???
16.Cupid Co.
17.I Had Sex With Your Stapler Last Night
18.LOST Is Lost WTF
19.I'm Gonna Kill Ur Family And Devour Their Dacaying Bodies
20.RoButtSex-_- Pathetic, But Nice XD
21.I Found Jesus
22.So Many Hearts
23.Will SHow Boobs 4 Booze
24.I Found:I'm Poor Geez I'm SO Proud Of It
25.Liberty 'n Stuff---Pissed
26.Liberty 'n Junk---Unsatisfied
27.Liberty 'n Crap---Happy
28.Liberty 'n Kool-Aid Man---Oh Yeah
29.Free Abortion
30.Your Mother Will Be Here Shortly
31.D00d, U Didnt Put ANYTHING On The Cellphone???
32.Pico And The Alien
33.Topless Woman... WHy Is She The Only Thing Badly Drawn???
34.Pussy At T3h Window
35.Lots More But My Fingers Hurt Because It Sucks To Press Shift At The Beginning Of Each New Word...

Dude, Keep Goin

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-┬┤Vexeta`- -┬┤Vexeta`-

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Lol Dude Yer Got Me 5 4evah!!!

Respect, Dude, This Shit's Better Than Anything DJPervy, DJPJ or DJJunk Ever Made!!! Lol They'z Me Matez, I Don't Make Shit Myself, I Do The Jumping ;p
This Thing Could However, Use Sum Change, It's The Same Thing All Da Time, Next Time, Try To Make Like 2, Mayb 3 Things And Mix 'Em Up.
Of Course, Who Would I Be To Comment On What U Do??? I Cant Make Somtin Like That In A 1000 Years :p
Keep Goin, Man